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Business Insider is hiring a full-time personal finance editor for its Your Money section

Dont spend what you dont have

Do you love talking — and writing — about money?

Business Insider is hiring a full-time personal finance editor for its Your Money vertical, one of the fastest-growing sections of the world’s No. 1 digital business publication.

This editor should be well-versed in personal finance and financial products, including 401(k)s, HSAs, 529s, credit cards, and mutual funds, and should be able to distill that knowledge effectively to help our readers make the most of their money.

They should also be able to write great headlines, put together catchy features, and help build our already robust stable of contributors and content sharing partners, which include Inc., Entrepreneur, and U.S. News & World Report. 

The editor should expect to write daily and work closely with our Strategy and Careers teams, as well as manage at least one reporter and full-time interns.

The ideal candidate is bursting with ideas for how to make the vertical a vibrant must-read.

Ideal candidates will also have:

  • A background in basic personal finance knowledge
  • Comfort writing and editing stories on consumer-facing investment and financial products
  • The ability to translate expert, nuanced financial advice into clear, straightforward articles
  • Interest in digital media and how readers consume news on the web
  • At least two years of experience writing and/or editing at a magazine or online publication
  • Copy-editing skills, light HTML and Photoshop experience, and knowledge of social media are also useful

APPLY HERE with your resume and cover letter telling us why this is your ideal job.

Please note that this full time position requires that you work in our Manhattan office. Business Insider offers competitive compensation packages complete with benefits.

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A new theory on what caused the 'Snowball Earth' could drastically change how we understand extreme climate

Researchers at Harvard University are changing the way we think about Earth’s largest glaciation event, “Snowball Earth.” Find out how Earth’s most chilling event took place.

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Look before you leap: 4 hard truths about IoT

Most technologies go through a stage when everything seems possible. Personal computers in the early 1980s, the internet in the late 1990s and mobile apps around the beginning of this decade were like that.

But so was the first unboxing of a Galaxy Note 7. In time, either suddenly or gradually, reality sets in.

The internet of things still looks promising, with vendors and analysts forecasting billions of connected devices that will solve all sorts of problems in homes and enterprises. But the seams are starting to show on this one, too. As promising as the technology is, it has some shortcomings. Here are a few.

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SoundCloud raised $70 million in debt funding

Alex Ljung SoundCloud

Music streaming service SoundCloud has raised $70 million (£56 million) in debt funding, according to documents filed with Companies House in the UK.

The documents show that SoundCloud raised the loan from Kreos Capital’s fifth debt fund, as well as the Davidson Technology Growth Debt Fund. The loan was agreed on March 10, the documents show.

SoundCloud last raised money in June 2016 when it raised around $70 million from Twitter Ventures, Twitter’s investment arm, as part of a $100 million (£80 million) round.

The new round of debt funding comes as there are increasing doubts about SoundCloud’s finances. The company admitted in its 2015 accounts that it may be forced to raise money:

“Whilst the directors believe that the Group will have sufficient funds to continue to meet its liabilities through 31 December 2017, the risks and uncertainties may cause the company to run out of cash earlier than that date, and would require the Group to raise additional funds which are not currently planned.

These matters give rise to a material uncertainty about the Group’s ability to continue as a going concern.”

This chart from Music Business Worldwide shows SoundCloud’s finances as of its 2015 accounts:

Soundcloud revenue

This isn’t the first time that the music streaming service has raised debt funding. In January 2016 it raised around $35 million (£28 million) from Tennenbaum Capital Partners.

And in February it was reported that SoundCloud’s COO and finance director had both left the company.

SoundCloud did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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This strange-looking device sticks to your neck to help you de-stress and sleep better


For those who have a hard time tuning it all out and de-stressing, there’s a new gadget that can help.

Thync, which specializes in neurostimulation wearable devices, is launching the Thync Relax Pro. The Relax Pro — Thync’s second generation device — aims to relieve stress and “encourage restful sleep and relaxation.”

It works by sticking to the back of your neck and delivering stress relief through “gentle nerve stimulation.”

Here’s how it works. 

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You’ll need to download an app to make the device work. Within the app, you can choose between two modes: Thync Deep Relax and Thync Deep Sleep. Thync’s first device was focused more on calming and energizing, but the new device hones in on poor sleep caused by stress.

By using the Deep Sleep setting before bed, Thync promises you’ll reach a “drowsy and peaceful state.” The Deep Relax setting is intended to release stress and improve your mood.

The device works by sticking to your neck via a pad with electrodes on it.

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The inspiring Tube sign everyone is sharing after the Westminster attack … is fake

fake tube sign westminster

LONDON — In the aftermath of Wednesday’s terror attack in Westminster, which left four dead and dozens injured, British MPs have been making statements and offering condolences in Parliament.

Addressing Prime Minister Theresa May, Simon Hoare, the MP for Dorset North asked: “Would my right honourable friend agree with these words, written by a worker on the London Underground yesterday afternoon, penned on a public notice board shortly after the events?”

He continued: “My judgment is that he or she speaks for the whole country, irrespective of faith or creed, when they wrote: ‘All terrorists are politely reminded that this is London, and that whatever you do to us, we will drink tea and jolly well carry on.'”

Theresa May replied warmly: “I think that is a wonderful tribute, and in a very simple way I think has encapsulated everything that everybody in this house has said today.”

It’s a lovely sentiment, but there’s one problem: The sign doesn’t exist.

It’s a fake.

An image purporting to be a public noticeboard on the London Underground has been circulating on social media following yesterday’s attack, often being shared hundreds or thousands of times.

But it’s not real.

A dead giveaway are the letters: Look closely, and you’ll see that repeated letters are identical, without any of the variance you see in real handwritten messages.

It appears to have been created with an online fake Tube sign generator, which you can play with here. You can make it say literally anything you want. Some of the versions floating around have also had extra filters applied to disguise the fact they’re fake.

fake tube sign

(The original photo is available to view on Flickr. It was taken back in 2007.)

In her first speech to the House of Commons after the attack, Theresa May told MPs: “Yesterday, an act of terrorism tried to silence our democracy but today we meet as normal. As generations have done before us and future generations will continue to do, to deliver a simple message: we are not afraid.

“Our resolve will never waver in the face of terrorism.

“We know that democracy and the values it entails will always prevail.”

A candlelit vigil will take place at Trafalgar Square on Thursday to show solidarity with the attack victims.

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The goal of a new machine

Not every computer owner would be as pleased as Andrew Wheeler that their new machine could run “all weekend” without crashing.

But not everyone’s machine is “The Machine,” an attempt to redefine a relationship between memory and processor that has held since the earliest days of parallel computing.

Wheeler is a vice president and deputy labs director at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. He’s at the Cebit trade show in Hanover, Germany, to tell people about The Machine, a key part of which is on display in HPE’s booth.

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Drivemode raises $6.5M from Panasonic and others for smartphone car tech

 If you’re an Android device owner and also a driver, you may already be familiar with Drivemode: It’s one of the most popular apps for use in cars on Google Play, with over one million app downloads and active users spread across 180 countries. The app is designed to reduce distractions for drives via an eyes-free interface designed to access smartphone functions like navigation… Read More

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The largest objects in the universe may be these deep-space magnetic fields

vela constellation stars NGC 2547 eso

Galaxies don’t drift freely through the empty void of space. Gravity organizes most of them into groups, called galaxy clusters, which can be tens of millions of light-years wide or larger.

That makes them the biggest structures in the known universe.

However, astronomers now think collisions between galaxy clusters are generating the largest magnetic fields in the cosmos, according to a new study in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics.

What’s more, such fields might even be larger than the clusters themselves.

When clusters of galaxies collide, their billions of stars and trillions of planets rarely make contact — there’s simply too much empty space for that to happen. (When our Milky Way galaxy smashes into the Andromeda galaxy about 3.75 billion years from now, for example, researchers expect it to form one giant galaxy.)

But colossal amounts of gas, dust, and charged particles that float between galaxies and stars get ejected during these collisions, creating arc-shaped clouds called “relics.” The name comes from the fact that the clouds persist long after a collision is over.

Researchers have detected about 70 such relics since the first one’s discovery in 1970, according to a press release by the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy.

In the new study, an international team of astronomers zeroed in on some of these relics to see if they’re generating any invisible magnetic fields — and they certainly are.

A colossal ‘sausage’ of magnetism

effelsburg 100 meter radio telescope copyright norbert junkes mpifr

To conduct the study, researchers used a stadium-size radio telescope in Germany (above) to photograph four of the best-known collision relics.

The astronomers took images in radio waves, which are invisible to human eyes, since relics tend to glow most brightly in that part of the spectrum. Such images can also reveal any large-scale magnetism, since the movement of particles through big magnetic fields can affect their radio emissions.

The technical names of the galaxy clusters they studied are complex — CIZA J2242+53, 1RXS 06+42, ZwCl 0008+52, and Abell 1612 — but astronomers often name the relics after distinctive shape that they form.

CIZA J2242+53, for example, is called the “Sausage” and located more than 2 billion light-years from Earth. An older image of the relic shows it in radio waves (green) with the galaxy cluster smash-up that made it in X-rays (red). The background is a visible-light image:

sausage cluster astrophysical journal m james jee et al

The researchers’ new radio-wave photos of the “Sausage” and other relics look more esoteric, but they’re perhaps the most detailed images ever taken of such objects.

The images revealed that the three relics are highly organized, and that the motion of their particles is generating immense magnetic fields— much like a coil of wire in a motor.

Here’s one of the new images of the “Sausage” relic — the photo shows the intensity of its radio wave emission (red is greater, blue is weaker):

giant magnetic fields deep space astronomy astrophysics maja kierdorf et al

“We discovered the so far largest ordered magnetic fields in the universe, extending over 5-6 million light-years,” Maja Kierdorf, an astronomer at the Max-Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy and leader of the new study, said in the release.

However, the release adds that “such magnetic fields may be even larger than the clusters themselves.”

Such fields are dozens of times wider than the Milky Way, and about half as powerful as the one generated by our galaxy’s motion through space — pretty impressive for a diffuse cloud of gas.

The researchers think such fields are caused by rotation of particle clouds left behind by collisions. The shape and strength of the relics also suggest that galaxy clusters can smash together at speeds of more than 2,000 kilometers per second (4.47 million miles per hour).

Now that the astronomers have shown that radio waves can reveal giant magnetic fields in space, they plan to hunt for more.

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Vice announces its first slate of short, scripted videos

Shane Smith Vice Media is moving into scripted video programming, thanks to a partnership with digital media studio Blackpills. Read More

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