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Announcement: PC Computer Repairs NYC

Computer Repair, Maintenace, Installation, Web Design and Tech Support – New York City, NY

When it comes to servicing your computer, we strive to provide business and home MAC and PC users in NYC Manhattan and Brooklyn with a service oriented experience. All of our service professionals are Microsoft Certified MCPs. We provide small business to medium business, home, house calls, onsite and off site dropoff computer repair NYC.

For small businesses the experts at b4computers can:

  • Setup Microsoft Windows Server domain and workgroup networks
  • Repair Microsoft Windows Server 2003, 2008 and 2012 operating systems
  • Setup, upgrade and repair Dell, HP, IBM, Lenovo and other servers
  • Provide secure internet access through a VPN LAN
  • Setup a business network with domain configured windows server environment

For business and home the experts at b4computers can:

  • Perform the service and repair at your business, home, or you can come to us
  • Fix problems encountered with all standard hardware and software for server, desktop, tower, laptop, notebook, and netbook.
  • Provide service to install, Windows upgrade and repair for Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.
  • We repair and are experienced with all manufacturers such as Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Sony, IBM, ThinkPad, Vaio, Toshiba, Mac, Macbook, Macbook Pro, iMac and others.
  • Upgrade and repair laptop, desktop and tower computers
  • Repair cracked laptop screen, dim or flickering LCD screens for laptops and LCD monitors
  • Update your operating system with fixes, drivers, and security updates
  • Train you on how to operate your computers and keep them updated so you encounter fewer problems
  • Computer hardware and software upgrade advice
  • Configure the software to enable us to service your computers remotely
  • Setup secure and encrypted wireless networks
  • Extend wireless networks to reach all rooms and spaces
  • Service your computers with privacy and confidentiality in mind
  • Hard drive data recovery

We do not sell any parts directly to the client. Parts can be purchased by the client or we can purchase it for you to perform the repair. What it costs us to acquire the part is what you pay.

Onsite in home PC computer repair service is at $75 per hour plus parking if applicable.
Onsite business workstation and server computer repair service is at $90 per hour plus parking if applicable.

Contact: Peter Coach  631-965-5110


Virus removal NYC, Malware removal  Manhattan, Adware Removal Brooklyn

In the early age of computers viruses would try to display a message on your screen, delete your files and break the operating system. Now most viruses are trying to make money off of you. They do this with

Google ads that either you click on or they get paid simply showing the ad. We can remove the virus and repair your computer so its safe to use and with restored performance. You can get a virus from an email attachment, adobe flash, java, website and programs you download. We provide virus removal services in Manhattan Brooklyn New York. We can provide this service at your business and home or you can drop off your computer in New York City.

There are many types of computer viruses:

Boot sector virus – Infects your hard drive and works in the background.

Browser Hijacker –
Infects Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome redirects the page you want to visit to an advertisement website page. When you search on Google changes the search result with new links that redirects to ads. Changes your home page to a fake search page. It also can display pop ups

Polymorphic Virus – Evades antivirus utilities by changing its own program to prevent detection.

Resident Virus – Loads a side virus that restores the main virus when deleted

Rootkit Virus – Invisible virus that hides and runs in the background

Trojan Virus – Gets installed when loading a program or utility you want

Keylogger Virus – Records your passwords and sends them back to virus creator

Ransomware – Stops you from using your computer until you pay with a green dot MoneyPak. This shows up in many forms like the FBI computer virus

Worm – Is a virus program that copies and multiplies itself by using computer networks

Fake Antivirus – Logos and images look almost like the real thing. They run a fake scan then displays a result page of all the viruses it found. Then asks you to purchase the program to remove them.

Spyware / Adware – tracking and storing Internet users’ movements on the Web and serving up pop-up ads to Internet users.

If you would like more information on all the different types of viruses out there click below.

Terms & Regulations

Our schedule changes daily, depending on other clients, traffic conditions and public transportation. You should allow us a one hour margin from your appointed time. If we schedule for 5:00pm, we might arrive as late as 6:00pm, but we always try our best to be punctual

Time = Money
When your technician comes over, please remember that time is money. Although we work very fast, we are not psychic and can never be 100% sure how much time a certain task could take. The charge is by an hourly rate, even if it takes 4 hours to do something you thought would take only 2 hours.

One Hour Minimum
The first charge is always for arriving/traveling and the first hour of work. Even if your problem is fixed after 9 minutes, you will still have to pay for the entire hour. After the first hour, charges will be made for parts of an hour (for example, 2 hours and 10 minutes).

We accept cash or checks (with a preference for cash). If you are a business, we can invoice you, and set up a time to be paid. For remote/online service, we accept payment through or Google Checkout.

Coverage Area
Since this is New York, most of our traveling takes place on public transportation, which means that if you live too far from the city, there will be an extra charge for the first hour (the hour that includes the traveling fee).

Contact: Peter Coach  631-965-5110




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For a limited time free Microsoft Office 365 setup “Email, Domain, Exchange services” with purchase. Contact us for your free 30 Day Trial and offer details at offer expires Oct 15, 2011

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An Alibaba-backed fintech company founded by a 34-year-old just had an amazing IPO

unnamed 40

  • Qudian, an online small credit provider, went public on the New York Stock Exchange. 
  • The company, which was founded by 34-year-old Min Luo, is going after a market it says China’s biggest banks can’t serve.

Qudian, an online small credit provider, popped more than 43% after going public on the New York Stock Exchange Wednesday morning, opening at $24 per share.

The China-based company, which was founded by 34-year-old Min Luo, targets China’s younger and underserved markets with small loans via its mobile app. 

The stock jumped to a high of $34 per share Wednesday morning before falling back to $30 at the time of publication. 

Qudian, according to its prospectus, offered 37.5 million shares. Reuters reported the company raised $900 million from the IPO, making it one of the largest initial public offerings of a Chinese company in the US this year. 

The company counts Alibaba, the Chinese ecommerce and technology company also listed on NYSE, as a backer. 

Carl Yeung, the company’s chief financial officer, told Business Insider the firm is going after a market the country’s traditional banks can’t serve. Yeung said reaching the hundred of millions of modest-income Chinese is too expensive for larger financial-services players. Qudian is using nascent technology to capture that market.

“We are looking to use behavioral data, more and more data, to discover business opportunities,” Yeung said.”We are tracking the cutting edge data with artificial intelligence to see who has a high willingness to repay.”

With such technology, the company is able to offer folks higher credit limits and earn a larger margin. 

Qudian, according to a press release, “facilitated $5.6 billion in transactions” to 7 million customers in the first half of the year. 

Chinese fintech is red-hot

Qudian’s strong IPO illustrates the red-hot market for fintech in China. Some of the world’s largest privately owned financial technology companies are based in China, including, a Shanghai-based personal finance company, valued at $18.5 billion, according to CB Insights

A recent study by the consultancy EY found that one in three digital consumers use two or more fintech products. This level, according to EY, indicates that fintech has crossed the threshold of early mass adoption. The firm said adoption is being driven by emerging markets, such as China.

“FinTech adoption by digitally active consumers in Brazil, China, India, Mexico and South Africa average 46%, considerably higher than the global average,” the report said. “From an individual market perspective, China and India have the highest adoption rates at 69% and 52% respectively.”

The firm said emerging markets are more open to fintech disruption because of the large populations of people who are underserved by existing financial infrastructures. Here’s EY:

“Our five emerging markets are characterized by having growing economies and a rapidly expanding middle class, but without traditional financial infrastructure to support demand. Relatively high proportions of the populations are underserved by existing financial services providers, while falling prices for smartphones and broadband services have increased the digitally active population that FinTechs target.”

Yeung said that this environment will open the door to many multi-billion dollar financial technology companies in China. He hopes Qudian will be among them. 

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Truffle now lets you share your food tips via iMessage

 While you’ve already got Yelp and other apps to help you figure out where to eat, Truffle is designed specifically for sharing recommendations with friends and other people you know. A new update should make that sharing even easier. The big addition is an iMessage app, which means (you guessed it) that Truffle is now integrated with iMessage. Read More

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Blue Apron is laying off hundreds of employees

 As Blue Apron approaches its next earnings report in a couple of weeks, the company said Wednesday that it is laying off 6 percent of its staff as part of “a company-wide realignment of personnel to support its strategic priorities.” Blue Apron was one of the big — and most anticipated — consumer IPOs of the year, but it’s also now one of the companies that… Read More

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Snapchat is selling an $80 dancing hot dog costume on Amazon (SNAP)

Screen Shot 2017 10 18 at 5.35.56 PM

  • Snapchat has started selling an $80 dancing hot dog costume ahead of Halloween.
  • The costume is a nod to one of the app’s most popular AR filters.

Snapchat parent Snap Inc. is officially in the costume business.

On Wednesday the company started selling an $80 dancing hot dog costume on Amazon.

The costume is based on Snapchat’s new celebrity character: the app’s dancing hot dog filter that quickly became an internet meme sensation over the summer. CEO Evan Spiegel called the filter the “world’s first augmented reality superstar” during Snap’s last earnings call and said that it had been viewed 1.5 billion times.

The physical costume is made of polyester and comes as an “easy 2 piece fit” with a “Hot Dog Tunic” and pants, according to the product description. Snap is only selling the costume in one size designed for people under 6’4″.

Despite it being the costume’s first day available for sale, several enthusiastic users reviews have already been posted on Amazon:

Screen Shot 2017 10 18 at 5.38.01 PM

This isn’t the first time Snap has made physical goods beyond its Spectacles camera glasses. The company has also sold themed beach towels, ice cube trays, backpacks, and playing cards.

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One chart shows how careless young Americans are with online passwords

Cybersecurity has become a buzzword as big companies like Yahoo and Equifax fall victim to massive data breaches. Despite all the high-profile incidents, many people have a “it won’t happen to me” attitude about regularly changing their passwords and taking the necessary steps to protect themselves. Changing up passwords is one of the easiest ways to protect yourself online, but a recent YouGov survey found that 28% of adults use the same passwords for most of their online accounts.

As we can see in this chart from Statista, young people 18-34-years-old are particularly careless with passwords. This is a surprising statistic considering that the younger generation has spent a huge part of their lives online and should be well aware of the rules of the road by now. 


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This executive left a great job at PayPal to run a gift card startup she thinks could help end poverty

raise iOS in hand 05

  • PayPal executive Kathleen Pierce-Gilmore left the company in October to join Raise, a gift card marketplace startup, as chief operating officer and president. 
  • Pierce-Gilmore, who grew up poor, thinks Raise can disrupt the credit industry in ways that PayPal and traditional finance companies can’t.
  • The COO and president was one of three executives hired around the time that Raise got $60 million in funding — including an investment from PayPal.

Gift cards may not be the most obvious place to disrupt the banking industry, but Kathleen Pierce-Gilmore doesn’t see it that way.

After two years as the vice president and general manager of PayPal’s US credit division, and over a decade spent between American Express and Capital One, Pierce-Gilmore decided to leave corporate America to join Raise, a Chicago-based startup that runs an online gift card marketplace.

And it’s all because she thinks Raise can have a serious impact on how low-income families manage their finances.

Katheen_Pierce_Gilmore_Headshot“I grew up incredibly poor and below the poverty line. I didn’t realize it when I was younger, but it created a very strong condition in me of financial discipline,” Pierce-Gilmore told Business Insider. “I started to have this growing need to help others have that same sense of financial security.”

Pierce-Gilmore, who has spent most of her career in credit divisions across the financial industry, thinks prepaid cards could be a key step in helping low-income consumers escape heavy credit debts – the type of which she saw often when working at as a vice president at Capital One. 

“Capital One serves some of the most vulnerable people in America. I learned during my time there that a lot of people that worked there didn’t have a deep appreciation of how their products impacted their customer’s  lives,” Pierce-Gilmore said. 

“The opportunity I saw at Raise was a bit more pure. There’s no credit aspect, it’s prepaid. There isn’t the kind of bad out come possible, where someone can get in over their head,” she said. I believe technology is the better way to deliver financial services to more people and more fairly.”

“We’re not hurting anyone, only helping” 

Raise was founded in 2013 by CEO George Bousis, who launched the company as a place where individuals could sell gift cards they no longer wanted in exchange for cash.

It’s since expanded to include discounted gift cards directly from retailers like Macy’s and Fandango, which sell the gift cards for less than their cash value. Dunkin’ Donuts, for example sells $50 gift cards for $40.50 — a 19% discount. Others, like Amazon, only discount their cards by 1.1%.

Raise makes a transaction fee on each purchase, and the retailers benefit because they don’t have to pay credit card fees on purchases made with their gift cards. Raise is also working on various data and marketing products aimed at these retail partners. 

Customers also benefit from the often deep discounts, and convenient budget management that comes with pre-paid cards.

“We’re in a unique position,” Pierce-Gilmore said. “We’re not hurting anyone, only helping.” 

Pierce-Gilmore joined the growing team of 200 in October, around the same time as two other poached tech executives — chief people officer Tenia Davis, a Harpo alum who joined Raise from her role at iManage, and chief marketing officer Gaurav Misra, who joined from Vroom. 

shopping, women, drugstore, mallAll three execs were hired around September, when Raise announced $60 million in series C funding led by Accel Partners, which included an investment from, coincidentally, PayPal.

Now, with her staff in place and ample funding in tow, Pierce-Gilmore is on a mission to make Raise the go-to place for shoppers looking to manage their budgets with prepaid cards, as well as retailers looking for an escape from the high transaction fees that come with processing credit card payments. 

“There is so much room for disruption. I love PayPal, and I think they’re doing great work globally. However I think that they’re not disrupting the ecosystem as much as they might have had the opportunity to,” said Pierce-Gilmore. 

Pierce-Gilmore believes that Raise can someday have the large-scale presence of companies like Amazon, in which checking the Raise app for discounted gift cards becomes a natural part of any and every shopping process.

“I’m already finding my own addiction driving my own behavior,” she said. “Every time I am trying to buy something, I look in the category that I am going to shop in.”

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eBay is having a pretty bad day

 eBay is not having a great afternoon after posting a pretty ho-hum third quarter that fit roughly in line with analyst estimates, but perhaps not seeing the kinds of leaps that Wall Street is looking for heading into the fourth quarter. The company said it added an additional 2 million  active buyers and now says it has 168 million global active buyers. But even with buyer numbers as large… Read More

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A Las Vegas hotel mogul plans to send an inflatable space hotel into orbit around the moon by 2022


  • Bigelow Aerospace says its inflatable space hotel could be ready for lunar orbit by 2022.
  • One of the company’s pods is already attached to the International Space Station.
  • Bigelow is touting the future pod as a hub for “lunar business development,” but the company would probably need NASA to get it funded. 

Bigelow Aerospace, a Las Vegas-based space pod company, wants to send an inflatable space hotel to orbit the moon, with accommodations for astronauts and citizen space travelers alike. 

The company partnered with NASA in 2016 to attach an inflatable, soft-shell demo pod onto the International Space Station. Now, Bigelow has announced that a bigger inflatable pod, which it’s calling the B330 “lunar depot”, could be orbiting the moon in five years.

That moon station is much more ambitious than Bigelow’s ISS add-on. It’s designed to stand alone and is about a third of the size of the ISS. The company suggests the pod could hold roughly six people, and is billing it as a hub for “significant lunar business development.” 

Providing accommodations for future space travelers is a logical next step for the company’s founder, Robert Bigelow, who owns the Budget Suites of America hotel chain and has been working on creating expandable space modules since 1999.

United Launch Alliance, a joint venture between Boeing and Lockheed Martin, plans to partner with Bigelow to launch the habitat into space, then get it circling around the moon. 

bigelow aerospace

Expandable, soft-shell space habitats are easier to fit into rockets for launch than other heavier structures. Bigelow said in a statement that its pods also “provide for greater volume, safety, opportunity and economy than the aluminum alternatives.” 

The company’s ‘Bigelow Expandable Activity Module,’ or BEAM, was attached to the International Space Station in April 2016 and then blown up to full size that May. Astronauts don’t live inside it, but they use the space for experiments, collecting air and surface samples to test for microbes, as well as monitoring how effective the BEAM is at blocking radiation. NASA has said it might extend BEAM’s stay at the ISS beyond its initial two year test run, and use the inflatable space as long-term storage. The space agency has said that so far, the soft materials Bigelow used to create BEAM are proving they can perform just as well as more rigid structures in space. 

In a couple of Tweets on Tuesday, Bigelow seemed to suggest that he’d need NASA funding to fully execute his space hotel plans. The Washington Post puts the project’s price tag at $2.3 billion.

“Re. Lunar Depot: Capital has been flowing from both companies and will continue,” Bigelow wrote, then added, “NASA & this country will need to have investment also to pay for the benefits.”

Lunar exploration has gained renewed attention in recent weeks — earlier this month, Vice President Mike Pence promised to “refocus America’s space program toward human exploration and discovery” in an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal. Pence wrote that establishing a “renewed American presence on the moon” is a vital strategic goal for the U.S. 

NASA is currently working on a ‘Deep Space Gateway’ project with the Russian Space Agency, which could involve a site near the moon that would serve as a pit-stop for astronauts on long-term missions to Mars. NASA has said that site would have a “small habitat to extend crew time.”

The US has pledged to send humans to Mars by 2033. In an announcement about the B330 last year, Bigelow and United Launch Alliance said that this habitat could house researchers on their way to the Red Planet.

Here’s what the company says the craft would look like on its way to the moon: 

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