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Apple assembling devices in India won’t mean cheaper iPhones yet

iPhone 7 Apple appears to be moving forward with plans to begin assembling its phones in India, but that doesn’t necessary mean that its prices will drop in the country. India’s Economic Times today reported that Apple will begin assembling the iPhone SE in the coming months in Karnataka, adding more detail to comments from the state’s minister of IT earlier this month which… Read More
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You’re recycling your milk carton all wrong

Many people don’t know how to recycle milk cartons, as evidenced by this photo of three milk cartons erroneously placed in the paper bin at my office.

milk recycling

Here’s the truth, taken straight from the Carton Council (the main organization for carton manufacturers in the US):

Cartons are primarily made of paper but also have a thin layer of polyethylene (plastic). Shelf-stable cartons contain a layer of aluminum. As such, milk cartons should be recycled with plastic, metal, and glass containers. Ultimately, the cartons will be sorted separately at the recycling facility and disposed of properly.

(The NYC Department of Sanitation gives the same instructions.)

A few other surprising facts to keep in mind:

You don’t need to rinse out cartons before recycling. (Of course, you might want to if worried about smells.)

You also should not flatten the carton. Sorters at recycling facilities will have an easier time identifying the object if it’s in its standard form.

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NOW WATCH: Why organic milk lasts longer than regular milk

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SNAP'S ROADSHOW: Snapchat executives explain why investors should buy into their IPO (SNAP)

Screen Shot 2017 02 17 at 10.54.58 AM

Snap Inc. has released its full IPO roadshow.

In a 35-minute video, Snap executives break down their company philosophy, how the Snapchat app works, and their ad products. The video is narrated by Snap CEO Evan Spiegel, CTO Bobby Murphy, CSO Imran Khan, and CFO Drew Vollero.

Snap is the most highly-anticipated tech IPO in years, and it’s planning to go public on March 1 at a valuation of $22 billion.

We watched Snap’s full roadshow video and have collected all the highlights for you. Here’s the abridged version:

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“Snap is a camera company,” begins Spiegel. “We feel like we’re really at the beginning of what cameras can do.”

“Before, cameras were the perfect way to save or record something you saw. And they sort of helped augment memory. But now cameras augment the way that we talk.”

Spiegel compares Snapchat’s camera to a mouse cursor on a desktop computer. “With Snapchat, the camera has become the primary input for the phone.”

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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'Cameras augment the way that we talk': Here's what Snap is telling investors

Snapchat’s parent company, Snap Inc., just released its roadshow materials, including a 35-minute video, providing an important look into how the company sees itself — and how it will pitch itself to investors.

Snap plans to go public on March 1 and is seeking a valuation of $22 billion.

“Snap is a camera company,” CEO Evan Spiegel said in the video.

Historically, cameras provided a way for people to keep memories, he said. “Now, cameras augment the way that we talk.”

He compared his product to the keyboard and its impact on the computer. “With Snapchat, the camera has become the primary input for the phone,” Spiegel said.

Evan Spiegel

Spiegel and his management team, including Chief Strategy Officer Imran Khan and CFO Drew Vollero, will officially kick off meetings with investors — known as the roadshow — on Friday. They will speak with smaller investors in the Mid-Atlantic before going to London on Monday and New York on Tuesday and Wednesday.

They’ll travel throughout the US until the intended pricing date on March 1.

Vollero will play a backseat role, according to one person familiar with the matter. Khan will present mainly on the company’s business model, while Spiegel will talk about the product itself.

In a management meeting with salespeople on Thursday morning, Spiegel said he spends 50% of his time focused on the product, 40% on recruiting, and 10% on things he doesn’t want to do but gets paid to do (that is, running the rest of the business), this person said.

In larger group meetings, they are expected to simply present this video and then take questions — much like Facebook did during its IPO roadshow.

Bobby Murphy

The management team is expected to emphasize the quality of engagement over quantity of users, according to the person familiar with the matter. Rather than focusing exclusively on increasing the number of users, Snap would rather users enjoy the product. Spiegel wants to innovate the product to make it more usable, and he believes that to do so, users must have higher-end phones.

Snapchat works best on iPhones, and while some problems persist on Android and other phones, Spiegel says he will not dilute the product to make it work on every phone, this person said. So unlike Facebook, which has nearly 2 billion users around the world, Snap will not focus on non-iPhone-using customers in places like the developing world because those markets are not easily monetized. The logic is that advertisers want to reach North America and develop Europe rather than the rest of the world.

“It’s about being able to communicate how you feel and doing that in the moment,” Spiegel said in the roadshow video.

Watch the full video »

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2017 will be an epic year for Xbox One and Windows 10 gamers

In this video, you have the chance to hear from the Xbox team about what we’re looking forward to this year.

Here are some of the highlights from Phil’s post:

 “Today is a big day for Team Xbox as we celebrate the worldwide launch of early access for Halo Wars 2. From the in-depth, story-driven single-player campaign to the innovative and accessible Blitz mode, to the more traditional Deathmatch, Halo Wars 2 is designed for players of all skill levels to have fun. And, with Xbox Play Anywhere, players get both the Xbox One and Windows 10 PC versions of Halo Wars 2 with a single digital purchase, including shared progress and achievements across both platforms.

We are preparing to launch the most powerful console ever made this holiday – Project Scorpio – along with a diverse lineup of games.  In fact, we are committed to delivering even more exclusive games for both Xbox One and Windows 10 this year than we launched in 2016.

Our studio partners at Rare, Undead Labs and Sumo Digital/Reagent Games are working hard to develop exclusive Xbox One and Windows 10 games this year, from new IP like Sea of Thieves to all-new chapters of fan-favorite franchises like State of Decay 2 and Crackdown 3. And of course, we’ll have more in store for you at E3 2017 in June.

I’m also excited about the return of two original Xbox classics coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 this spring – Phantom Dust and Voodoo Vince.

There’s a lot to look forward to this year from independent developers as well.  Between Cuphead – one of my personal favorites and an Xbox One console exclusive also coming to Windows 10 – and Below, Thimbleweed Park, Tacoma, Ark: Survival Evolved, We Happy Few and more, 2017 is shaping up to be an incredible year for the ID@Xbox program.”

To read the full post from Phil Spencer, head over to Xbox Wire!

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Halo Wars 2 early access available now

Last night, 343 Industries and Creative Assembly celebrated Halo Wars 2 with the community via a special livestream event hosted at 343 Industries, which included exclusive interviews, gameplay hands-on and prize giveaways.

Additionally, the Xbox One S Halo Wars 2 Ultimate Edition Bundle is now available in most markets worldwide for $349.99 USD, and comes with 1TB of storage, an Xbox Wireless Controller, 14-day trial membership of Xbox Live Gold, and the Halo Wars 2 Ultimate Edition, which includes a Season Pass for post-launch content. Pricing and availability may vary by region, so check with your Microsoft Store or local retailer for more information.

Halo Wars 2 offers both new and seasoned RTS players a hybrid of action-oriented and classic tactical gameplay. Set after the events of Halo 5: Guardians, Halo Wars 2 follows Captain Cutter and the crew of the Spirit of Fire as they meet with the UNSC’s most formidable enemy to date – the leader of the Brutes, Atriox. Today, the worlds of man and Brute collide on the biggest Halo battlefield ever.

Halo Wars 2 launches worldwide for Windows 10 and Xbox One through Xbox Play Anywhere on Feb. 21. Head over to Xbox Wire to read more from Studio Head of Strategy Games at 343 Industries, Dan Ayoub!

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The CEO of consulting giant Accenture's North American business talks about innovation, jobs and business under Trump

Julie Sweet

Julie Sweet became the CEO of global consulting firm Accenture’s North American business in June 2015, after serving as Accenture’s General Counsel. On Friday Accenture announced plans to open 10 “innovation centers” in the US and to invest $1.4 billion in training over the next four years in an effort that it says will create 15,000 highly-skilled new jobs in the US.

Business Insider caught up with Sweet to learn more about the announcement and to get her thoughts on the current business environment during a period of sweeping political change.  

The following interview has been edited for length and clarity  

Business Insider: What do you envision for what these innovation hubs will be and who will be working in them?

Julie Sweet: Innovation hubs are going to be in cities focused on the industries and clients of that city. So in Houston it’s focused on our industrial companies, particularly the energy sector, robotics, and automation. 

So you walk in, there’s a drone flying, because we’re demonstrating how you can do predictive maintenance using drones to monitor big manufacturing facilities. You go over to another screen, and you see the same screen that a supervisor sees in our connected mines where we have predictive analytics. They use weather date, time of day, and they look at the employees and they can predict who is likely to have an accident. Because in the mining industry there are a very high number of accidents. Which is obviously terrible for the employees, but also shuts down the operations. 

We have a lot of clients across industries who are actually pretty bullish because they see a president and a congress, same party, who do have a pro-growth agenda.

So you come in here, you have the accenture team and the client team working on how we are going to take the drone — and then you go next door and there’s a room that has all of our technical professionals. And you build a prototype you design something, you scale it and the client goes off and you help them implement it. And you’re back three months later to tweak it. So it is the idea of continuous innovation.

BI: Obviously some of your clients are tapped into the global market and the climate in 2017 is different than it’s been. What are they telling you, what do they want from you in response to greater uncertainty in the world, with things like Brexit, Trump, and less stability than six months ago?

JS: In some ways there is less stability but the volatility has gone up and down. Especially for our global clients. Europe was in the tank and the US was doing well, it kind of goes up and down. So in general, we have found that our clients are pretty steady as she goes. Because they don’t react to ups and down and they don’t expect growth because we have been living in a very low growth environment. So what they talk to us about isn’t the concerns about the uncertainty. They’re much more worried about their industries being seriously disrupted. Half of the S&P 500 doesn’t exist that was in place in 2000. And they’ve seen the disruption that’s happening in industries around them. So what we find that clients are much more focused on is ‘Help me understand where is the industry going and what kind of a new business model do I need to have to compete?’

AccentureOn the environment in the US, we have a lot of clients across industries who are actually pretty bullish because they see a president and a congress, same party, who do have a pro-growth agenda. And growth means policies for competitiveness and policies for investment. There is sort of a sense of for the last few years it’s like ‘OK, we’re going to grow, but not because of the economy.’ There’s now some optimism that some policies may be passed that make us more competitive and allow for more investment and that therefore will get growth.

BI: What kinds of policies would that be?

JS: It’s the same ones, it’s tax, it’s deregulation.

BI: Deregulation of?

JS: Pretty much every industry we serve feel like they are way over-regulated.

BI: Are there any specific areas?

JS: Financial services. Not just Dodd-Frank but some of the stuff around enforcement, false claims act. Things that sort of said ‘Look your enforcement is so harsh, why would we take the risks?’ 

In the energies fields, the number of regulations around manufacturing, around drilling. When I talk to our clients — and I’m also a member of the Business Roundtable — it’s just the numbers of regulations. And the agenda for CEOs has not changed.

Pretty much every industry we serve feel like they are way over-regulated.

A lot of what we talk about is about people. You can’t get the growth without the skills. And the growth is going to come from the digital economy. And we have a major skills problem: 500,000 new jobs last year that required computer science degrees, 40,000 new graduates.

We did some research with Girls Who Code. We framed the issue not so much as a gender equality or women should get better jobs, but a competitiveness one. Computer science degrees for women are declining, they were higher in 1975 than they are today. So from a competitive point of view, half the population is not participating. 

This skills gap is a big topic of conversation. And how do we up-skill, how do we find the skills, and many companies including our own are working on the pipeline, whether it’s girls who code or investing in universities. You can have great policies but you have to have people.

BI: Does this mean Accenture’s head count is going to rise by 15K?

JS: Yes, these are new jobs. It’s not attrition. We’re going up 30 percent.

BI: Some companies have been criticized for job announcements that are being called recycled news. Is this announcement a new announcement?  How much of this announcement is in response to President Trump wanting new jobs?

JS: It is not a response to President Trump wants new jobs. Now, don’t get me wrong, President trump wants new jobs. Every state we operate wants new jobs, where we are opening these. There is a great pro-job growth environment right now. We have been here for five decades, we are a huge job engine, so in this kind of environment we are going to tell everyone we are growing jobs. It is a good business right now for any company who is creating jobs to talk about jobs.

That’s a great benefit for us, so why wouldn’t we talk about the jobs? But we are trying to position ourselves with our clients as we are the innovation partner. We’re the company that’s really making investment. We want the brand of accenture to be innovation. So if you are planning on opening ten innovation hubs over the next four years, this is good business to tell people we are serious about innovation. This is part of a strategy. So this past year in December we reorganized the US around regions and it was the first step in really making ourselves more local because this is where we think the business is going. And believe me that was planned long before president Trump. This is part of our strategy and where we think the wave is. 

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One of the best smartphone games right now is a cross between Tinder and 'Game of Thrones'

reigns game smartphone tinder

Your people are starving following a harvest, and your adviser begs you to lower taxes, even if it means damaging your nation’s finances — do you do it? A mysterious explosion has rocked the capital city — do you close your gates? Your executioner wants time off to study horticulture — do you let him?

These are the kind of questions that you face in “Reigns,” a quirky indie strategy smartphone game. It places you as king of a medieval country, and asks you to balance the various competing needs of of your kingdom: Church, people, military, and finances.

Dating app Tinder popularised “swiping” as an interface — swipe right for yes, or left for no. “Reigns” takes this design and catapults it in a zany new direction, parading an endless stream of advisers in front of you, and making you chose from two binary answers to their often-bizarre requests.

Building a dam to collect water will help your people, but harm your finances. Agreeing to negotiate a ceasefire in a war will boost your coffers, but damage your military’s standing. If anything gets too low — or too high — you invariably come to a “Game of Thrones”-style grizzly end.

Dying isn’t the end, though. In fact, expect to die a lot. Each time you shuffle off the mortal coil, you start again as the dead king’s heir — learning to avoid the same mistakes, and aiming to achieve new objectives before you kick the bucket.

It’s fun, and funny. What more do you want?

reigns game“Reigns,” created by independent development studio Nerial in the United Kingdom, was originally launched in August 2016. But on Wednesday, it won first prize in a Google contest to find the best indie games available on Android. (It’s also available on iOS, for all the iPhone users out there.)

I had a chance to play the game at the event, hosted at the Saatchi Gallery in London — and I found it terrific. It was my favourite of the 20 finalists in attendance, and I’ve downloaded it and continued to play it since.

It’s simple, fun, easy to play in short bursts, and marked by a distinctive and surreal deadpan humour. One moment you’ll be negotiating a bethrothal, and the next you’ll be talking to a vase.

The gameplay is reminiscent of the throne-room scenes of console game “Dragon Age: Inquisition,” while the art-style is delightful in a simple, Dwarf Fortress-esque way — though without the mind-bending difficulty.

It’s inspired by Tinder — and Brexit

The game is available on Android, iOS, and Steam on the desktop. It’s not a free game — it’ll set you back about the price of a coffee: $2.99, or £2.89 in the UK. This means the game is free of ads, and there are no in-app purchases to try to entice you to pay to keep playing — it’s all about the gameplay.

Along with Tinder, one of the developers told me that an inspiration for the game was huge, world-shaking binary choices we’ve seen recently — like the Brexit vote by Britain to leave the European Union. It’s an almost unfathomably complex issue, boiled down into a yes-or-no question, with hard-to-predict consequences.

“Reigns” forces you to make the same reductionist decisions, again, and again, and again — but have fun doing so.

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A leaked video allegedly shows the new Nintendo Switch console

A member of gaming forum NeoGAF has shared what he/she claims to be a video of the new Nintendo Switch gaming console in action.

The console is not due to be released until March 3.

In the video, which you can watch in full below, the user films the set-up process on the alleged gaming device. 

The video has generated almost 1.7 million views and has been picked up by tech and gaming sites technobullalo, IGN, and BGR.

The Nintendo Switch, priced at £279.00, is a home console/portable console hybrid which you can play at home or on the go.

Nintendo offered Business Insider’s Ben Gilbert a chance to try the system at a January 13 press event in New York City — here are his thoughts on the experience.

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Tips for negotiating with cyber extortionists

Paying ransom to a cyber extortionist holding enterprise data hostage might seem like a poor idea in principle but sometimes it might the best, or even only, option for extricating your organization from a crisis.

Seventy percent of businesses hit in ransomware attacks have paid to resolve the problem, half of them over $10,000 and 20 percent over $40,000, a recent IBM survey of 600 corporate executives showed. Nearly six in 10 indicated they would be willing to pay a ransom to recover data.

To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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