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Business Insider is hiring an entertainment intern

business insider new office

Business Insider is hiring an entertainment intern to join our growing team in summer 2017. We’re looking for someone who is obsessed with all things movies, box office, TV, music, awards shows, and more — from the latest headlines to the biggest industry developments.

We are looking for someone with knowledge of entertainment news who is also interested in the business side of the industry and what goes on behind the scenes. Ideal candidates are self-motivated and interested in smart analysis and original reporting on entertainment content.

As an intern at Business Insider, there’s no getting coffee, filing, or making copies.

Our interns are an integral part of our team. Many of our current writers and editors started as interns.

BI Interns spend their time doing meaningful work: researching, writing, pitching, and producing features — even breaking news if the timing’s right.

Interns are encouraged to work full-time (40 hours a week) if their schedule allows. The internship is paid and located in our NYC headquarters, and can run for up to 6 months.

APPLY HERE with a resume and cover letter if this sounds like your dream internship, and specify why you’re interested in working on the Entertainment team.

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Microsoft Office 2010
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These water resistant speakers are so durable you can drive over them with your car

Sticky sounds are portable speakers made of polycarbonate which can survive being run over by a car.

They are water resistant and even float. 

You can attach them to any surface using GoPro mounts.

Sticky Sounds are crowdfunding on Kickstarter. One costs around £26.

Produced by Claudia Romeo

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How a tap could tame the smart home

 Here’s a novel fix for the headache of interacting with all sorts of connected devices: researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have devised a system that lets smartphone users tap their phone against an IoT device in order to have a contextual menu automatically loaded on screen. Read More

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Everything we know about Apple's rumoured smart speaker it's building to take on Amazon Echo (AAPL)

apple siri

AI powered smart speakers are one of the hottest new products right now. 

Advocates argue that they will transform how people use computers at home, letting you control your music, check your schedule, get the news and more, using only your voice.

Amazon and Google are both getting in on the action, with the Echo and the Google Home respectively — but Apple is nowhere to be seen.

However, that might not be the case for long.

Rumours are swirling that Apple is secretly building a smart speaker of its own to take on its rivals — and it might even be unveiled this summer. It’d be the biggest hardware launch from the company in years.

Apple almost never comments on unannounced products and speculation, so don’t expect it to confirm anything. But with that in mind, here’s what people are saying about the alleged device.

It’ll be powered by Siri

Apple might not have a smart speaker on the market, but that doesn’t mean it’s sleeping when it comes to AI assistants. The Californian company offers Siri — an virtual assistant that helps you use your devices — on the iPhone, Macs, and Apple TV. 

It’s likely Siri that will play the central role in any Apple smart speaker, just like how Amazon’s Alexa controls the Echo, and Google Assistant powers the Google Home device. Tell it what to do, and it does it. Reports to this effect have been circulating at least since May 2016.

Apple might emphasise sound quality

Google HomeBack in September 2016, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reported that a prototype of the device was being tested by Apple engineers.

A key selling point? Sound quality. The company is reportedly exploring beefing up its speakers and microphones “to differentiate itself.”

It’d make it a higher-end device than its rivals, which is in keeping with Apple’s historic strategy.

More recently, reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said the device’s speaker array will consist of one woofer and seven tweeters.

It might have facial recognition

Another interesting detail from the Bloomberg report: Apple has experimented with facial recognition sensors for the device. This could let it identify who is around it and tailor its behaviour accordingly. CNET, citing “people familiar with Apple’s plans,” previously also reported Apple is looking at using facial recognition technology, using the info to adjust lights and music.

It could have a screen

Historically, the Echo and Google Home have been screenless devices. The only way to use them is via your voice. But the Apple smart speaker, if and when it ships, might come with a screen.

Amazon EchoWhy? There’s no definite evidence it will have one — but a recent interview from Apple exec Phil Schiller hinted at the idea. “There’s many moments where a voice assistant is really beneficial, but that doesn’t mean you’d never want a screen. So the idea of not having a screen, I don’t think suits many situations,” he said, when asked what he thought of rival smart speakers.

In the context of rumours about Apple’s plans, this isn’t just Schiller speculating about a product category the company has no interest in. It’s an Apple executive hinting at what it considers important features of an (alleged) upcoming product.

Plus, competitors are also waking up to the benefits of having a screen on a smart home device. Amazon now is launching an updated version of Alexa that comes with a screen built in.

There might be two of them

The Amazon Echo comes in two sizes — the Echo, and the smaller Echo Dot. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo expects Apple to ultimately follow a similar model, writing: “We predict Apple’s first home AI product will see cyclical shipments (around 12-18 months) of over 10-12mn units. Like Amazon Echo, more extended models could be launched going forward (e.g. we think W1 chip is very suitable for products similar to Amazon Echo Dot), so there may be further shipments growth potential.”

That said, it’s not clear if Apple would announce two right away.

It may be announced as soon as this summer

Tim CookApple’s smart speaker might drop much sooner than people are expecting. Ming-Chi Kuo reckons it could be announced in June, at Apple’s WWDC developers’ conference, and start selling in the second half of 2017. He believes it will be a premium product — going for more than the Amazon Echo.

The launch of a smart speaker would be a major event for Apple, and CEO Tim Cook. Since becoming CEO in 2011, Cook has only overseen the launch of one new major product category — the Apple Watch, a smartwatch. But buzz around AI assistants is continuing to grow, and if Apple wants Siri to be viable, it arguably needs to stop competitors like Amazon and Google stealing a march on it.

“The market for home AI products (supporting voice assistance and IoT functions) is growing too rapidly for Apple to ignore,” Ming-Chi Kuo wrote. 

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Here's how astronomers study the edge of the universe

As far as we know the universe is not infinite, there’s actually a place where it ends. While astronomers have never actually seen the edge of the universe, they know it’s out there. Theoretical physicist and director of the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton, Robbert Dijkgraaf explains how scientists know there’s an edge of the universe.

Following is a transcript of the video: 

It’s a fascinating question, “How far can you see in the universe?”

And the point is that if you look at very distant objects, it takes a lot of time for the light to travel all the way to us. And since the universe was kind of created 13.8 billion years ago, there’s a finite distance that we can see.

We can almost see the edge of the visible universe. In fact, the earliest thing that we can see is the first light that was created just after the Big Bang.

Well, just 380,000 years after the Big Bang. At that point the universe was kind of transparent enough for light to escape.

So using our satellites we can pick up a signal that was emitted at this very brief moment after the Big Bang.

While in the meantime the universe has expanded and so that first light has kind of cooled down and it’s now a microwave signal.

In fact what you can do, if you take an old-fashioned television set and you just unplug the cable, there will be static noise on your screen. Roughly 1% of that static noise is actually coming from the very edge of the universe.

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Java modularity specification opposed by Red Hat, IBM is voted down

A Java modularity specification failed to pass in a vote by Java executive committee members, leaving the future of the technology in question. The issue could hold up the planned July 27 release of Java 9, which is slated to include modularity.

Balloting on Java Specification Request 376 was completed on Monday. The modular plan for Java, intended to make it easier to scale the platform, has been opposed by companies including Red Hat and IBM. Red Hat, in particular, questioned many parts of the plan, including raising issues about potential application compatibility problems.

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IT worker who trained H-1B-holding replacement to run for Congress

Craig Diangelo was an IT worker at Northeast Utilities in Connecticut until he completed training his H-1B-visa-holding replacement. He was one of about 200 who lost their jobs in 2014 after two India-based IT offshore outsourcing firms took over their work at what is now called Eversource.

Diangelo, at first, was quiet, bound by severance agreements signed with the company. Then he started speaking out.

craig diangeloCraig Diangelo

Craig Diangelo

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Low-cost Android phones to get iPhone features with new Qualcomm chips

Low-cost smartphones like the Moto G5 introduced a few months ago are shipping with soon-to-be-outdated chips from Qualcomm, which has announced successor chips.

Qualcomm on Monday introduced the Snapdragon 630 and 660, which are massive upgrades to chips used in low-cost smartphones introduced over the last six months or so.

And in a few months, you’ll be able to buy low-cost smartphones with these new chips, with prices starting at $200. The handsets will feature LTE download speeds equivalent to that in the iPhone 7 and have graphics processors capable of capturing 4K video.

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Amazon's new Echo speaker with a touchscreen will reportedly be released in June and cost $229 (AMZN)

Amazon Echo

Amazon’s new Echo speaker, which is expected to be announced on Tuesday, will likely be released in June, The Verge reports.

The new Echo speaker is expected to come with a touchscreen and will have a focus on shopping.

The Verge reported, citing information from AFTVnews, that the new Echo speaker will ship in June and will retail for $229.99 in the US,  £219.99 in the UK, and €239.99 in Europe

Amazon also recently announced another new Echo product: The Echo Look. That device includes a photo and video camera and is designed to help people choose and share their outfits.

Amazon Echo Look, Closet Shelf

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10 things in tech you need to know today (AMZN, SBGI, TRCO, AAPL, GOOG, MSFT)

Satya Nadella

Good morning! Here’s the technology news you need to know this Tuesday morning.

1. Amazon’s new Echo smart speaker with a touchscreen is expected to launch today. The device will have the ability to make and receive both phone and video calls, though it may have limited capabilities on that front at first.

2. Sinclair is buying Tribune Media for $3.9 billion (£3 billion) to create a local-TV behemoth. Tribune operates 42 TV stations including the cable network WGN America and several CBS, ABC, and Fox affiliates.

3. Apple is now worth more than $800 billion (£618 billion). Shares of Apple were up 3.05% at $153.44 (£118) on Monday following an analyst report from Drexel Hamilton that suggested Apple will become a $1 trillion (£772 billion) company.

4. A senator revealed that the FBI paid $900,000 (£695,000) to hack into the San Bernardino killer’s iPhone. Senator Dianne Feinstein, the top Democrat on the Senate committee that oversees the FBI, said publicly last week that the government paid $900,000 to break into the locked iPhone.

5. We published the full letter Spotify’s founders wrote to the EU complaining that Apple and Google are abusive. The founders of some of Europe’s largest tech companies wrote to the EU complaining that big internet firms “can and do abuse their privileged position.”

6. Citymapper is launching a bus service in London. It’s running the service today and tomorrow to show off its route optimisation software.

7. Microsoft is gearing up for an assault on the Amazon Echo. Yesterday Microsoft officially unveiled the Invoke — a smart speaker manufactured by Samsung subsidiary Harmon.

8. AppNexus CEO Brian O’Kelley told us that it took him four hours to decide whether to blacklist Breitbart. “It was actually a painful four hours,” he said.

9. New York food delivery startup Maple has closed down. Some of the team will join rival food delivery service Deliveroo.

10. Apple executive Phil Schiller took a shot at Google Home and Amazon Echo in a new interview. “My mother used to have a saying that if you don’t have something nice to say, say nothing at all,” Schiller said about the devices.

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