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Announcement: PC Computer Repairs NYC

Computer Repair, Maintenace, Installation, Web Design and Tech Support – New York City, NY

When it comes to servicing your computer, we strive to provide business and home MAC and PC users in NYC Manhattan and Brooklyn with a service oriented experience. All of our service professionals are Microsoft Certified MCPs. We provide small business to medium business, home, house calls, onsite and off site dropoff computer repair NYC.

For small businesses the experts at b4computers can:

  • Setup Microsoft Windows Server domain and workgroup networks
  • Repair Microsoft Windows Server 2003, 2008 and 2012 operating systems
  • Setup, upgrade and repair Dell, HP, IBM, Lenovo and other servers
  • Provide secure internet access through a VPN LAN
  • Setup a business network with domain configured windows server environment

For business and home the experts at b4computers can:

  • Perform the service and repair at your business, home, or you can come to us
  • Fix problems encountered with all standard hardware and software for server, desktop, tower, laptop, notebook, and netbook.
  • Provide service to install, Windows upgrade and repair for Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.
  • We repair and are experienced with all manufacturers such as Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Sony, IBM, ThinkPad, Vaio, Toshiba, Mac, Macbook, Macbook Pro, iMac and others.
  • Upgrade and repair laptop, desktop and tower computers
  • Repair cracked laptop screen, dim or flickering LCD screens for laptops and LCD monitors
  • Update your operating system with fixes, drivers, and security updates
  • Train you on how to operate your computers and keep them updated so you encounter fewer problems
  • Computer hardware and software upgrade advice
  • Configure the software to enable us to service your computers remotely
  • Setup secure and encrypted wireless networks
  • Extend wireless networks to reach all rooms and spaces
  • Service your computers with privacy and confidentiality in mind
  • Hard drive data recovery

We do not sell any parts directly to the client. Parts can be purchased by the client or we can purchase it for you to perform the repair. What it costs us to acquire the part is what you pay.

Onsite in home PC computer repair service is at $75 per hour plus parking if applicable.
Onsite business workstation and server computer repair service is at $90 per hour plus parking if applicable.

Contact: Peter Coach  631-965-5110


Virus removal NYC, Malware removal  Manhattan, Adware Removal Brooklyn

In the early age of computers viruses would try to display a message on your screen, delete your files and break the operating system. Now most viruses are trying to make money off of you. They do this with

Google ads that either you click on or they get paid simply showing the ad. We can remove the virus and repair your computer so its safe to use and with restored performance. You can get a virus from an email attachment, adobe flash, java, website and programs you download. We provide virus removal services in Manhattan Brooklyn New York. We can provide this service at your business and home or you can drop off your computer in New York City.

There are many types of computer viruses:

Boot sector virus – Infects your hard drive and works in the background.

Browser Hijacker –
Infects Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome redirects the page you want to visit to an advertisement website page. When you search on Google changes the search result with new links that redirects to ads. Changes your home page to a fake search page. It also can display pop ups

Polymorphic Virus – Evades antivirus utilities by changing its own program to prevent detection.

Resident Virus – Loads a side virus that restores the main virus when deleted

Rootkit Virus – Invisible virus that hides and runs in the background

Trojan Virus – Gets installed when loading a program or utility you want

Keylogger Virus – Records your passwords and sends them back to virus creator

Ransomware – Stops you from using your computer until you pay with a green dot MoneyPak. This shows up in many forms like the FBI computer virus

Worm – Is a virus program that copies and multiplies itself by using computer networks

Fake Antivirus – Logos and images look almost like the real thing. They run a fake scan then displays a result page of all the viruses it found. Then asks you to purchase the program to remove them.

Spyware / Adware – tracking and storing Internet users’ movements on the Web and serving up pop-up ads to Internet users.

If you would like more information on all the different types of viruses out there click below.

Terms & Regulations

Our schedule changes daily, depending on other clients, traffic conditions and public transportation. You should allow us a one hour margin from your appointed time. If we schedule for 5:00pm, we might arrive as late as 6:00pm, but we always try our best to be punctual

Time = Money
When your technician comes over, please remember that time is money. Although we work very fast, we are not psychic and can never be 100% sure how much time a certain task could take. The charge is by an hourly rate, even if it takes 4 hours to do something you thought would take only 2 hours.

One Hour Minimum
The first charge is always for arriving/traveling and the first hour of work. Even if your problem is fixed after 9 minutes, you will still have to pay for the entire hour. After the first hour, charges will be made for parts of an hour (for example, 2 hours and 10 minutes).

We accept cash or checks (with a preference for cash). If you are a business, we can invoice you, and set up a time to be paid. For remote/online service, we accept payment through or Google Checkout.

Coverage Area
Since this is New York, most of our traveling takes place on public transportation, which means that if you live too far from the city, there will be an extra charge for the first hour (the hour that includes the traveling fee).

Contact: Peter Coach  631-965-5110




Microsoft Office 2010
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Announcement: Office 365 Pricing – How to Buy One License

Order estimate

This purchase offer has been customized for you by Computer Systems Cloud Specialist. Sign in to take advantage of this offer.

Microsoft Office 365 (Plan P1) – 1 month term  |  Learn more
1 user license at $6.00 per user license, per month $6.00
per month
Subtotal $6.00

Why Office 365?

Office 365 makes sense at any budget. Starting at $6/mo/user any organization can afford to have Microsoft’s top communications platform. Work together using Microsoft’s familiar products no matter where you are. Collaborate and communicate effortlessly on email, calendars, documents and web conferences. You are protected by enterprises-class datacenters and backed by Microsoft’s 99.99% uptime SLA. Streamline IT and retire old hardware and software.

Additional partner information:
631 965-5110

via portal.microsoftonline.comMicrosoft Office 2010
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Announcement: Transition from Microsoft Office Live Small Business To Office 365

As an Office Live Small Business customer, how am I impacted by Microsoft Office 365?

Office 365 will replace Office Live Small Business as the comprehensive Microsoft productivity service for small businesses. The Office Live Small Business service will continue to run as it does today through at least October 2011. As a valued Office Live Small Business customer, you will be offered 3 months free of the Office 365 service should you choose to transition your account to Office 365.

For now, nothing will change for Office Live Small Business customers. Please continue to use Office Live Small Business, and we will notify you based on your decision to continue usage of our service when your account is ready to be transitioned, most likely in late 2011 or early 2012.

How can I try the new Office 365 service?

If you would like to test drive the new Office 365 experience, we encourage you to sign-up for the Beta.


Migrate from Windows Office Live Small Business to 365
Transition to Office 365 from OLSB Website
Let us help you Transition to the Office 365 Solution
Please contact us at:

Visit us

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Announcement: Special Offer – Free Setup with Office 365

For a limited time free Microsoft Office 365 setup “Email, Domain, Exchange services” with purchase. Contact us for your free 30 Day Trial and offer details at offer expires Oct 15, 2011

Microsoft Office 365 – Microsoft Office 2010!/pages/Microsoft-Office-365-Microsoft-Office-2010/164012340348305

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Announcement: Need Sales Associate for MS Office and Cloud Solutions

Job Description
Sell Microsoft Office 365 Software subscription to small business. Students get Free Microsoft Office 363 collaboration suite which include MS Office 2010 Pro Plus. Also commision on additional MS software and tools that business purchase. 2 Supervisor Positions available 98 Sales Associate Positions available
No prior experience needed. Need persons who will contact associates, family and business owner who may want to use a cost efficient software from Microsoft.
Your own schedule, there will be limited required meeting to setup accounts and training.
You get paid for every business that you sign up and for every month they use Office 365/Online cloud service. You receive 15% of the monthly fee for the business’s first month and 8% of each following month. That means 8% for every new sale over their first year and 4% residual income thereafter.
Students get Free Microsoft Office 365 collaboration suite which include MS Office 2010 Pro Plus. We teach you how to use the iCloud to run your own business, MS office, email, web apps, IM, sharepoint and more. Need 2 Sales supervisors to oversee Students and Staff limited hours 4-8 hrs weekly $8.00 per hour with sales commission for all their sales. These are part-time jobs. (2 Supervisor Positions $8.00 plus Commision. Sales Associates Commission only)
Instructions to Apply
Please send resume via email to and willing to work on Commission basis, and will use the software that we provide for personal and business use.
Contact Information
Peter Kelleher
Chief Sales Officer
197 Bryant Ave
Floral Park, NY 11001
Phone: (516) 874-6516, Ext.

Computer Systems Cloud Specialist offers design, migration, and deployment services for Microsoft Online Services including Office 365 and Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS). This offering is relevant to companies migrating e-mail, web conferencing, web collaboration, or instant messaging from on-premise or hosted environments to Microsoft Online Services.

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Announcement: Office 365 for professionals and small businesses (Plan P)

Click the ‘Buy’ button to begin setting up your account.

Microsoft Office 365 is a pay-as-you-go subscription service. Sign up today and get virtually anywhere access* and the productivity features listed below.

Computer Systems Cloud Specialist has configured a custom collection of Microsoft Online Services especially for you.

Review your customized collection here:

Buy Office 365

Get started with the right Office 365 plan for your organization here. Office 365 for professionals and small businesses is just $6 per user per month.

This purchase offer includes:
– 1 user licenses Microsoft Office 365 (Plan P1)

Additional partner information:
516 307-6619


Per user/month

Key Features


Email, calendar, contacts, personal archive, and 25 GB mailbox storage with 35 MB attachments with Exchange Online


Online document viewing and basic editing capabilities with Office Web Apps


Easily access and view files from your mobile device with Office Web Apps


Consistent file formatting from desktop Office versions to web versions with Office Web Apps


Sites to share documents and information with SharePoint Online


Easily design and maintain a professional-looking public website with SharePoint Online


Instant messaging, presence, online meetings, and PC-to-PC audio/video calls with Lync Online


Share your desktop with colleagues and partners with Lync Online


Premium antivirus and anti-spam filtering with Microsoft Forefront Online Protection for Exchange


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Zuckerberg's control of Facebook may be a threat to the value of the stock, Macquarie says (FB)

  • “Zuckerberg controls the vote and the company. If he wants to change something, he can, even if it negatively impacts near-term financial results,” two Macquarie analysts say.
  • “As financial analysts, we tend to get a bit concerned when we see vote-controlling CEOs defining what is meaningful and interactive,” they told clients.
  • They rate the stock “outperform.”
  • But their critique is a reminder that Zuckerberg has a lot of power, and he makes mistakes.

Mark Zuckerberg’s control of a majority of Facebook’s stock — which gives him absolute power over the company even though it is publicly traded — could damage the value of those shares, according to Macquarie Capital analysts Benjamin Schachter and Ed Alter.


They voiced their opinion after Zuckerberg announced that the priorities of the News Feed in Facebook would change, based on how “trustworthy” users believe those sources are.

“The changes announced by FB should remind investors that Zuckerberg controls the vote and the company. If he wants to change something, he can, even if it negatively impacts near-term financial results,” the pair told clients on January 17, in a note seen by Business Insider.

“It is concerning to us that Zuckerberg’s focus is defined by ‘meaningful social interactions’ that are more interactive and less passive. There is much to admire in this focus, but as financial analysts, we tend to get a bit concerned when we see vote-controlling CEOs defining what is meaningful and interactive,” Schacter and Alter said. It is relatively rare for equity analysts to criticise Zuckerberg, given the stock’s meteoric rise.

In one sense, they are merely restating the obvious: Zuckerberg has long retained majority control of the stock, and has litigated and maneuvered to maintain that control even as he spends less time running the company on a day-to-day basis. So the note isn’t a huge surprise.

But it is also a restatement of the fact that under Zuckerberg, Facebook has made mistakes. Most recently, in late 2016, Zuckerberg dismissed as “crazy” the idea that fake news propagated by Russian agents could have had an impact on the US presidential election that year. More recently, however, Facebook has admitted that 126 million people saw paid Russian propaganda on the social network before the election.

This latest announcement by Zuckerberg is an attempt to course-correct for the apparent ease with which disreputable media publishers can game the News Feed algorithm, and drive up bogus news inside your Facebook account.

Zuckerberg has long been obsessed with news inside Facebook. In 2013, he announced a redesign of the News Feed by saying, “What we’re trying to do is give everyone in the world the best personalized newspaper we can.” He encapsulated that vision with an illustration of a mock local newspaper called the Monterey Times. In 2014, he tried again, launching a news-only app called Paper.

Monterey Times Facebook newspaperCrucially, Zuck’s vision for that “newspaper” has been local, personal, and relevant. His misreading of the scale of Russian influence in the 2016 election, and this latest move to quash fake news, suggests that he has a distaste for national, international or political news in the News Feed.

The Macquarie analysts — who rate FB as “outperform” — wrote:

“Again, we admire much of what he is doing, but from a purely near-term financial view, the headlines of the past year regarding social media’s influence on society increases non-financial risks for FB, and these moves by Zuckerberg highlight that risk.”

“… Zuckerberg plainly stated he expects time spent and some measurements of engagement will go down, but believes the changes will be good for the community and the business over the long-term.”

“… It’s Zuck’s world, we all just post in it – This is also a casual reminder that when it comes to sweeping changes on Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is realistically the only one with a say in the matter. As of FB’s most recent proxy statement last year, Zuckerberg holds 59.7% of the voting power in the company. Investors with a differing opinion have little recourse. GOOGL has a somewhat similar situation with Larry Page and Sergey Brin holding 51.1% of the vote, as well as Eric Schmidt with another 5.6%. However, the same isn’t true across all large cap tech and social media, with none of the executives at AAPL, AMZN, or TWTR having full control of the vote. While we think that this change at Facebook is unlikely to stir much serious debate on the matter, it does serve as a reminder of the reality of the situation.”

SEE ALSO: Facebook is asking users to pick which news outlets are ‘trustworthy’ — and will demote the losers in your feed

READ THE BACKSTORY: Facebook is obsessed with the news business — and the news business should be grateful and afraid

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The single dish you have to try from every UK restaurant with 2 or more Michelin stars

artichoke broth with smoked yolk and winter leaves

As a restaurateur, you need to be pretty exceptional to even be considered for a Michelin star. It takes a lot more to win a second. And to get the elusive third star, your food has to be practically unrivalled.

Business Insider spoke to the UK’s most prestigious restaurants to compile a list of the best dishes to try at every two- and three- Michelin starred restaurant in the UK.

Some of their dishes have been on the restaurants’ menus from day one. Others are personal favourites of the chefs, and more still earned their spot by being a hit with the customers.

At the time of publication, only 23 restaurants in the UK have two or three Michelin stars. Scroll on to discover the one dish to try from every Michelin two- and three-starred restaurant in the UK, ranked in alphabetical order and including the price for and a description of each dish.

(N.B. Prices for meals and set menus don’t include wine.)

SEE ALSO: Every Michelin-starred restaurant in the UK where you can dine for £30 or less

Halibut, oyster, and seaweed at Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester in Mayfair, London — three Michelin stars

Tomato, garlic, cuttlefish, tripe, thyme, veal stock, and white wine make up this ultimate comfort food. Served with a herb salad, and a slice of cake to mop up the juices, this gratin holds many fond memories for Bosi whose grandma used to cook it for the whole family.

“It’s a dish I cook myself at the restaurant as there isn’t a recipe for it!” Bosi said.

Cost: £24 as an entrée on the à la carte menu, or £85 as part of a three-course tasting menu.

Assiette Anne-Marie at Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons in Great Milton, Oxfordshire — two Michelin stars

Instagram Embed:
Width: 658px

Throughout the spring and summer months, the gardeners at Belmond Le Manoir pick as many as 150 courgette flowers each day. This vibrant plate of vegetables represents the full cycle of spring. The courgette flower is stuffed with garden peas, baby courgettes, mint, marjoram and extra virgin olive oil. The dish is now named after head-gardener, Anne Marie Owens.

Cost: £170 as part of the three-course Specialities Menu.

“My mum’s tripe and cuttlefish gratin” at Claude Bosi at Bibendum in Chelsea, London — two Michelin stars

Tomato, garlic, cuttlefish, tripe, thyme, veal stock, and white wine make up this ultimate comfort food. Served with a herb salad, and a slice of cake to mop up the juices, this gratin holds many fond memories for Bosi whose grandma used to cook it for the whole family.

“It’s a dish I cook myself at the restaurant as there isn’t a recipe for it!” Bosi said.

Cost: £24 as an entrée on the à la carte menu, or £85 as part of a three-course tasting menu.

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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OF COURSE governments won't give up control of money – that’s why crypto is crashing

Crypto market cap

  • One reason people are selling out of bitcoin is because governments are moving against cryptocurrencies.
  • The promise of bitcoin is that it’s anonymous and secure and the government can’t touch it. That promise is unfulfilled.
  • Governments are not going to stand idly by while people replace or abandon fiat currency.
  • That’s why cryptocurrencies will always be weak credit tokens compared to cash — governments may be annoying but they aren’t stupid.

The total market cap of all cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, stood at $531 billion just before the weekend, down from $830 billion at it’s peak. That’s a drop of about 36% in less than a month — a collapse that qualifies as a market crash.

People are casting around for an explanation. Why should this wildly popular new form of payment exchange, which feels like the future, suddenly drop in value? There are a large number of good reasons to sell bitcoin. And that’s part of the problem — on most days it feels like there are more reasons to sell than to buy.

But the most obvious headwind comes from governments.

Russia, South Korea, China, Algeria, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nepal, and Kyrgyzstan have all outright banned bitcoin or made noises about tightening regulation around crypto that would make owning the currency much less attractive. South Korea is moving toward an outright ban even though 10% of the entire bitcoin market is traded in South Korean won, according to Coin Hills.

Last week, the European Securities & Markets Authority said it might consider banning contracts-for-difference based on cryptos.

Governments are testing one of bitcoin’s central promises: That the alt-currency is somehow immune to regulation because it offers uncrackable security with total anonymity. In theory, cryptocurrency enthusiasts will tell you, crypto allows you to hoard staggering wealth and the government can’t touch it. (That’s why criminals like it so much.)

It’s a nice dream but it requires you to believe that governments will stand idly by while people abandon fiat currency. The government is not going to sit on its hands while people figure out how to stop paying taxes on both their income and capital gains because they are accepting payments via crypto. That would be insane. If there is one thing that governments are good at doing, it’s making sure the government never goes away.

Of course the government wants to tax your bitcoin earnings. Of course the government isn’t going to let you pay taxes in bitcoin (it’s going to require real currency).

It’s not just about creaming off the tax, or making sure the government can see how you earn money.

It’s about the basis of civil society itself.

Money — fiat currency — underpins everything. Literally, everything.

Governments only stay in business because they have the power to control how much cash flows through the economy. They can create new money or reduce the amount in circulation. Their interest-rate-setting powers control the cost of everything, from the price of patching a pothole in the street to the cost of war in the Middle East.

If cryptocurrencies came even remotely close to becoming the preferred form of cash, then governments would be out of business. The idea that The Man is going abdicate that power to software? Dream on.

Bitcoin will lose this battle.

Governments will move more slowly than tech, sure. But eventually, they will wrestle control of crypto. At that point cryptocurrencies become mere credit tokens valued in actual cash. For most people, cash will remain the more useful medium, and the more valuable one.

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Women’s March embraces collaborative social app Crunchet

 Today’s nationwide Women’s March attendees will advocate for voter registration through every conceivable social network, so one of its planning organizations has allied with a new app that lets you combine posts from across apps. Crunchet will help the Women’s March Alliance and Chicago march create collages of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, Spotify, and… Read More

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