How to Upgrade RAM for Free (Windows 8/7/Vista/XP)

In this tutorial I show you guys how to upgrade your RAM on your computer for free!
People pay over $100 to upgrade their RAM to get better performance, but didn’t know their is a completely free and legal way to add RAM to their computer with no downloads!

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25 thoughts on “How to Upgrade RAM for Free (Windows 8/7/Vista/XP)”

  1. A HUGE Thank You to …
    A HUGE Thank You to everyone for getting this video to 100k views :D

  2. I have 4gb of RAM I …
    I have 4gb of RAM I want to upgrade it because my minecraft should
    I upgrade to 6 or 8 or maybe even 12?Will this slow my computer?Like a
    lot?Which one should I pick.And also I have windows 8.1.Because my laptop
    is not the fastest

  3. so how about if i …
    so how about if i have 8 gb already and i want 16 how do i do that?

  4. Thank you everyone …
    Thank you everyone for over 150 subs and 15k views, never thought this
    video would become so popular!

  5. This actually does …
    This actually does not add RAM to your system, what it does it makes a file
    used for “swapping” which happens when your PC runs out of RAM and it
    starts to use this “Virtual Memory” as RAM and that slows down your PC a
    lot (not that much if you have an SSD) so you don’t want your PC to run out
    of actual RAM.

    The “Initial Size” means that when your PC starts Windows creates a file of
    that size to a chosen HDD (C as default and the amount of physical RAM you
    have as default value) I recommend to change that to around 512 so it
    actually does not take too much space when your PC starts.

    The “Maximum Size” means the size that can be used for swapping, that can
    be changed to anything you want, I recommend that you leave it to its
    default value.

  6. can you take memory …
    can you take memory off of a memory stick and turn it into RAM

  7. when i hit set it …
    when i hit set it says there is not enough space for the paging file size
    specified. please enter a smaller number or free some disk space but i have
    253gb left on my computer 

  8. Just to let you …
    Just to let you guys know, the added amount of RAM won’t show up in your
    computer properties because that only shows physically installed RAM on
    your computer, you also need to restart your PC before it starts working

  9. I don’t understand …
    I don’t understand what are you saying man ? i need a clear voice..

  10. I have 4GB of RAM …
    I have 4GB of RAM when I did the calculations the number was already in the
    set thing. What does that mean?

  11. Hey Bizzle all you …
    Hey Bizzle all you need to do is type in 1024 I have a 4.00 ram (not any
    more) but it worked

  12. i followed all of …
    i followed all of your instructions… i have an 8gb of ram i multiplied it
    and get 12288 i input it and set then apply. my machine required me to
    restart. after that i check the properties and it is still 8gb it supposed
    to be 12gb ryt?? 

  13. When you do the …
    When you do the math, 4GB becomes 4.2GB. Would .2 make any noticeable

  14. dude this is very …
    dude this is very helpful 😀 please make more videos like this 🙂 and play
    minecraft!! 😀 have a good day !!

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