Configuring an Office 365 end users desktop

This is a walk through of the steps involved in configuring an en users desktop for operation with Office 365. This involves logging into the users portal, download and installing the required software. Some additional manual steps are required after this but they are very basic, however this video will step you through the whole process

Duration : 0:11:34

Microsoft Office 2010
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2 thoughts on “Configuring an Office 365 end users desktop”

  1. Basically yes. You …
    Basically yes. You can download the setup program and push out via automated tools if needed but to get the most from Office 365 all users should install this software. Remember it also automatically configures their applications to work with Office 365.

  2. if there are 10 …
    if there are 10 computers in our workspace, do I have to do this for all of them?

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